About The Exhibition

Colours of Nature is a mother-daughter show celebrating a shared love of the natural world, and the shared artistic journey to explore it. Often drawn to the same subject matter, Pamela and Vicki show how two related artists can interpret subjects in unique ways.


From plump red berries and purple plums, to mossy logs, bluebottles on sand, and vast desert landscapes this is a broad-ranging show celebrating the simple pleasures of colour and light on natural forms, and sharing this joy with viewers. It includes miniatures to medium and large canvasses, and quality prints.


About The Artists

Pamela Collins grew up in the beautiful Bega valley and has been painting and drawing most of her life. Her inspiration is derived from her love of nature, in particular the challenge of capturing the play of light on her subject and moments in time.


Pamela works primarily in oil and acrylic, and has training from a variety of well-known artists such as John Perkins, Malcolm Beattie, Clive Cocum and most recently Patrick Carroll.


Her works have been exhibited in and around Canberra and as a member of the Merimbula & District Arts Group, Pamela is a regular exhibitor at Village Gallery at Oaklands in Pambula and other venues in the Merimbula and Bega district. She has been the recipient of many awards, most recently the Australian Artist Magazine special award for her oil painting, “Light as a Feather” judged by Rick Cochrane and an oil painting entitled “First Light” judged by Grace Paleg.



Vicki Collins is a Canberra based artist and author and has also been painting for most of her life, largely self-taught alongside lifelong exposure to her mother, Pamela's work. After some years focussed on portraiture, Vicki took a sabbatical from her communications career and moved to Tasmania to focus on her art, where the ancient landscape had a profound and lasting effect on her subject matter.


Vicki works primarily in oil and acrylic and is drawn particularly to landscape interiors and, most recently, miniatures. Her search is for the marks and colours that convey the residual feeling and memory of place, and the energy that landscapes exude.


Vicki has exhibited for more than 20 years around the ACT region, southern NSW and Tasmania.



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